About Mama's Root

Mama's Root is about offering your baby the softest fabrics and the best quality chemical-free products, and all of that, in a conscious and caring way for the environment and the people who worked hard to make those products. It's a contribution to make this world a more sustainable one. 

It is believed that there is a connection between us and the things we possess. In a world of disposable fashion and consumption, we must be selective and purchase products not only of great quality, but also products that we absolutely love and make us feel like we are doing something right. 

The production of non-organic cotton uses more chemical pesticides and fertilizers than any other crop. The consequences of this are detrimental to our health and the planet. This is why Mama's Root has made a conscious decision to support organic agriculture and fair trade.

In addition, according to the UN resources on child labor, there are approximately 215 million child labourers, aged 5-17, in the world. Nearly 114 million of them are in Asia and the Pacific. This type of child-exploitation must end, and that is why we at Mama’s Root, do business with suppliers that are legitimate and who offer safe working environments for their workers.

Your choices as a consumer make a difference. They affect the cotton industry by increasing demand for pure, safe, organic products. Next time you need personal care products, clothing, or bedding, I strongly encourage you to shop not only at Mama's Root, but look for other companies and organizations that favor organic and eco-friendly products, and fair working conditions. Recycle, re-use and pay a visit to the thrift shop. Again, it's about our health, our planet, and the people who work on the production line.

I hope that you enjoy your experience on Mama's Root. Do not hesitate to contact us for questions or suggestions.

Marie-Christine, founder of Mama's Root