It's about health.

"Your skin is the largest organ of elimination and absorption—what goes ON the skin goes IN the body."
Mama's Root offers products that are safe for your baby's health. The materials used are free of harmful chemicals, and the fabrics are made of organic and renewable fibers such as bamboo and organic cotton.
Organic cotton is a natural and breathable fiber that is grown without pesticides or fertilizers. Because there are no residues in the fabric, each piece feels so wonderfully soft against the skin. 
Conventional cotton production uses so much chemicals that it also leads to various health problems for cotton farmers and the population surrounding their fields. However, organic cotton production ensures a healthy life for the farmers and their families.
Health benefits of organic cotton:
  • Softer than non-organic cotton 
  • Causes fewer allergies as compared to non-organic cotton
  • Production does not involve use of chemicals
  • Promotes a healthy life for the farmers and their families