Baby gifts in Amman!

Hello beautiful people!

Many of you seem to be invited to baby showers and embarakeh parties, and I hear it is difficult and time consuming to find a gift that is perfect for mama and baby. The good news is that Mama's Root has special baby gifts in Amman for you :) Are you ready to see what we've got? Let's start!

baby gifts Amman

1) "The Bubbles" natural skin care set 

Let's bring bubbles! Everything you need to get baby (and parent) clean, soft and blissfully happy with a deliciously soft baby smell. From hair to toes and all of the cuteness in-between, this gift pack has everything covered and is made from only natural ingredients.


baby gifts Amman

2) Organic cotton covered music box

Small and practical, in the cot or in the diaper bag, this music box and its sweet lullaby is a dream for both little ones and the not so little ones :) What's so good about it? The mechanism inside the music box goes in the washing machine! You can find all the patterns available here.


 baby gifts Amman

3) Organic baby pillow

The little something that gives support for the baby's head, legs, back, or for some extra height while breastfeeding. It's small and lightweight enough to take along in the stroller or diaper bag, and it is just the right size to use as a toddler pillow. How sweet! You can also find all the patterns available here.


baby gifts Amman

4) Organic cotton cuddly toy

A cute companion that baby will never want to leave behind! Its soft organic cotton and warm sheep's wool stuffing makes it a safe and great toy for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Its bright colors make it extremely attractive, even for newborn babies. You can find the different models and colors here


baby gifts Amman

5) Organic cotton versatile blanket 

This ultra soft receiving blanket is super versatile, and it washes easily. Mamas usually need many of them because they are used all the time and they get dirty pretty fast, so to have a good stock of them is convenient. Mamas can use it to wrap tightly around the baby for comfort, or simply to keep warm in the stroller. It is also widely used to put on the mama's shoulder when it's time for baby to burp... because little "spits" happen all the time! Mama's Root offers many different colors of those useful blankets that you can find here.


baby gifts Amman

Finally, Mama's Root is happy to beautifully wrap the gift for you before delivering it to your doorstep in Amman (no need to shop for wrapping stationary, nor to leave the house at all! YAY!).

I hope that Mama's Root is offering a convenient solution for all of you, generous (but busy) people, who are looking for the perfect and special baby gift. :)