Which one is the best baby carrier for you?

Hello beautiful Mamazzz!

If you landed on this blog post, you are probably looking for the perfect baby carrier, and we really hope this read will help you to choose what is best for your needs.

Wearing your baby has many advantages, and a major one of them is that it supports breastfeeding. You can breastfeed discretely in most baby carriers while working, getting things done around the house, shopping, caring for older siblings, etc. Nursing in a carrier might help some babies to breastfeed better, especially when baby is easily distracted or tense.

Now, let's see what we've got...



Woven wrap

Wrap carrier in Amman

The baby carrier wrap is the benchmark for all baby carriers. It is THE model that mamas use all around the world since decades. The wrap shown above is a woven wrap, which is a long and sturdy piece of fabric (not very stretchy) that is tied around the body. It is used from birth to early childhood, and there is no weight limit! So basically, you can carry your baby or toddler as long as you and your child feel comfortable. The wrap is also known to be the best carrier for newborns. There are many positions and ways to wrap the fabric: front carry, back carry, hip carry, and there are some front carry tying methods that are great for breastfeeding. You can then go hands-free with ease and get some privacy from the extra fabric, with which you can make a little tent. Because of it's length and because it requires a bit of practice, the woven wrap can be quite intimidating at the beginning. But after you do it a few times, you will wrap everyday forever!


baby carrier sling

Ring sling

Compared to the woven wrap, the baby carrier sling is quick and easy to use. You wear it over one shoulder like a cross body purse. And instead of putting makeup in the bag, you put baby in the pouch. Voila! We say "pouch" because you have to create a notch with the fabric, in which you will place the baby, always making sure that the chin stays up for easy breathing. There are rings from which you can adjust the fitting of the carrier. The sling is ideal around the house, for breastfeeding, for short walks, or up and down from the car when you go shopping. It is used in the same positions mentioned above for the woven wrap. It is recommended to use from about 3-4 months (when the baby can hold his/her head) to early childhood, however, keep in mind that all the weight is on one shoulder.



baby carrier backpack

Mei Tai

The Mei Tai is the perfect compromise between a woven wrap and a soft structured carrier (also known as a backpack carrier, as you will read below). It's like a hybrid! It surrounds your child in comfortable fabric, with symmetric weight distribution on both shoulders. The weight is also supported by the wearer from the hips, with a padded belt. The Mei Tai model shown above is used from birth to early childhood, or for as long as the wearer is comfortable, however, there is a recommended weight limit (35 lbs or 15 kg). Because of the padded shoulder straps, the back carry is easy, similar to wearing a backpack. If you carry a newborn baby, you can reduce the seat and snap up a head rest, depending if you need it or not. As babywearing consultant Alessia Locarini recommends, "the newborn baby should always be carried in the natural frog position and the natural curve of the back should be respected". The Mei Tai is lightweight and compact, and the 2 positions in which you can carry your baby are the front carry, and the back carry.


baby carrier backpack

Soft structured (backpack)

At Mama's Root, this type of baby carrier "backpack" is called the TREK. It is comfortable, practical and simple to wear from the first time. It is used from birth to early childhood, with a weight limit (45 lbs or 20kg). For a newborn, you can reduce the seat and snap up a head rest, just like the Mei Tai. The 2 positions are the front carry and the back carry (backpack position). The padded shoulder straps are adjustable, and there is a semi-rigid waist belt, for better weight distribution. This type of baby carrier is recommended for longer use, like family walks or travelling. Dads also like to wear the TREK more than the other models, as it really feels like a backpack.

The conclusion is, the baby carrier you will choose depends mostly on how you plan to use it. If you need any help, you can also contact Mama's Root for inquiries about our baby carriers at info@mamasroot.com. It will be a pleasure to guide you and answer all your questions.

Last but not least, you must know that all baby carriers sold on Mama's Root are made in Canada (ethically made, YAY!), and they are woven from 100% organic cotton, certified free from toxic chemicals. They are easy to clean, as you can put them in the washing machine, and their fabric is super durable. They are also approved by care professionals, Health Canada and the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. If you happen to find the perfect baby carrier on Mama's Root, it will come in a box with a DVD that demonstrates how to use it. 

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